Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dreams and Time

Is there ever enough time in life?  Do we have enough time to do all we want to do, all we need to do, all we should do, all we have to do...and most importantly all we were meant to do?

At times I am overwhelmed merely by time, the lack of time.

Dreams and Time

As the procession of life moves on with all of its sound,
I seek only to stop, and for just a moment turn around-
For behind me lie fractions of dreams that once were mine,
Broken pieces gone astray that I'd somehow like to find.

If only for sparse moments time would cease to exist
I'd sever the losses, but laudable dreams I'd re-enlist.
I'd use those moments to pick up and tenderly repair
Fragments of dreams bearing dissipation because I'm no longer there.

I'd know a surging of my spirit in my dreams new revival
Being thankful for the time given me for their survival,
And then having regrouped to carry on with the procession
I'd take heed to my salvaged dreams but offer up this confession:

Seeking to fulfill your dreams and see them on to fruition
Is worth the planning and perseverance but time is the tuition.
And time, though it seems to pass quickly, is perpetually here-
I would caution; use it wisely friend, for it is we who disappear.

Nancy M Roberts ©2001

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  1. Nancy:

    Your peice is so thought provoking. Thanks for bringing it to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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